Advocate Nick’s City A.M. Article Cited by Cato’s Dan Mitchell | Young Voices

Advocate Nick Zaiac was cited by Cato scholar Dan Mitchell in an article on his blog  International Liberty about private-public partnerships. Here’s part of Nick’s text that he quoted:

In the American island state of Hawaii, residents and business owners gathered together in 2009 to fix a road through a state park that was vital to the area. They completed it entirely for free, with locals donating machinery, materials, and labor. In fact, the project was completed in a shockingly brief eight days. …Private roads have a long and storied history in both Britain and the US. Between 1800 and 1830, private turnpikes made up an astounding 27 per cent of all business incorporations in the US. Britain, between 1750 and 1772, had previously experienced a period of “turnpike mania”, as noted by economic historians Daniel Klein and John Majewski. Put simply, private infrastructure is by no means a new thing. It is simply the slow return to the way many roads were originally built.

You can find Mitchell’s piece online here.

You can find Nick’s original article online here.

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